ProdHere’s a useful piece of gear for your truck: a hands-free kit for use with your Bluetooth mobile phone, which also enables you to play music through your 4×4’s stereo. The Jabra Cruiser2 is a neat little black box, which clips handily to the inside of your vehicle’s sun visor.

It’s easily set up – our test product was coordinated with a Blackberry in seconds, and facilitated easy conversations on the move. The speaker is clear, despite its compact dimensions, and a simple tap of the unit enables you to answer and terminate calls.

Switch to FM mode and you can play telephone calls or MP3s through your car stereo. Again, it’s a simple process to set up, and the result is crystal clear sound with the minimum of fuss.

One other handy feature of the product is its caller ID function, which announces the person calling you. The unit is charged through a USB cable, which can either be plugged into a PC, or can plug straight into a cigarette lighter.

We used the Cruiser2 during a day out in the snow with our off-roaders and it provided a handy means of keeping in touch with other drivers in the convoy. And the best thing is that you know you’re staying within the confines of the law – which can only be good news.

The price for a Cruiser2 is £99, visit www.jabra.com/buy to order.

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