Land Rover: 65 years of adventure

Land Rover: 65 years  of adventureTHERE WILL BE many books celebrating Land Rover’s 65 years. When it comes to photographs, you’ll have to go a very long way to top this one. Nick Dimbleby has been Land Rover’s official freelance photographer for the past 15 years or so, and besides being a great snapper, he explains that he has, ‘a wife, two children and three Range Rovers.’ He’s certainly an enthusiast. This is not a book that you will sIt down and engross yourself in the text, it’s all about the pictures. Yes, it is fair to say that a lot of the pictures are a little ‘press and promotional’ in their style (hardly surprising as that’s Nick’s job) but there are also snaps that really capture the marque and Nick’s abilities – pictures where perhaps he concentrated more on the photograph than the subject. The majority of the photographs do have comprehensive captions, which helps explain what you are looking at – especially the myriad of ‘specials’. Good quality photographs, on good paper, it’s a worthy tome, and well worth the £35 jacket price.

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