Defender takes luxury adventure to new heights with greater choice and more power,’ begins the latest communication from the entity once known as Land Rover. The company’s ‘unstoppable 4×4 has been
updated with a suite of comfort-enhancing features for more luxurious all-terrain travel’ and is now available with a new diesel engine as well as a special edition named after an old Kia people carrier.

This is the Sedona, a version of the 110 whose deep red colour was inspired by the iron-rich sandstone of Sedona, Arizona. So not the Kia Sedona after all, soz.

Based on the already highly kitted X-Dynamic HSE, the 110 comes with extensive black trim and details including 22” alloys, a bodycoloured spare wheel cover and Kvadrat seats which provide ‘a tough and highly tactile environment.’ It costs £82,130 before you get started with the options.

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