Historic driving glasses

Historic driving glassesThanks to some much needed summer sunshine, having a pair of sunglasses available in your truck is essential. If you are looking for a good pair, then choosing a pair from Serengeti seems a good choice as the glasses usetechnology initially developed to be incorporated into premium car windscreens. This is said to selectively filtrate the light spectrum and enhance the ‘driving’ colours, red, green and yellow. The objective was to produce a safer windscreen with the highest clarity and superior definition that would allow the driver to see and react to driving hazards such as brake lights and traffic signals more quickly. As there are strict regulations regarding the degree of light filtration in car windscreens and windows, the technology was instead used to create Serengeti, which the company claims produces ‘the world’s finest driving sunglasses’. They are available as prescription glasses, so check with your optician or call 0208 391 4700.

Website: www.serengeti-eyewear.com 

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