MarProdGuardOnce you’ve made sure you wheels are properly cleaned from winter’s grime, it makes sense to protect them. Wheel Guard is a tough, clear coating that protects aluminium, chrome and alloy wheels from oxidation and corrosion. There is a one-part, selfAlevelling coating that doesn’t wash off. It is claimed not to have a nasty ‘plastic’ look, but give the look of a newly polished wheel. Touch dry in 5-10 minutes, you need to leave the coating to thoroughly dry and harden over a couple of hours before returning to the roads. The bonus is the claim that once treated, wheels are a lot easier to clean – and you know they are not corroding. The kit includes wipes, gloves, applicators, instructions and is available from or by mail order at 01780 721470. Three sizes are available 60ml/£20.40, 120ml/£30.65 and 300ml/£71.50 plus post and packing.

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