Gator makeover

Gator makeoverWe are looking forward to a few issues time when we take our annual view of the side-by-side utility terrain vehicle market, so it was great to hear about the makeover for the John Deere XUV 855D Gator. We were so impressed with the build quality of the version we tested last year, and the bright in-your-face colour scheme. For 2013, this model has a new digital instrument cluster, larger capacity alternator and a much larger (27.6-litre) fuel tank  – obviously allowing for long working range. Engine braking has been improved which should aid performance, especially down muddy slopes, where UTVs traditionally have a tendency to ‘toboggan’. Price of the 2013 XUV 855D 4×4 Gator utility vehicle starts at £12,227 (€14,385 in Ireland) for the base machine in familiar green and yellow livery, fitted with standard seats and Terrahawk all-purpose tyres. The power steering option adds £512, while there’s an olive and black version with power steering as standard starting at £12,843 (€15,110). All prices exclude VAT.
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