Unichip Europe has announced the launch of a ‘U-Connect’ plug and play performance ECU upgrade for the 2.2-litre Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4.

Designed as a DIY fitment via its plug and play ‘U-Connect’ wiring loom, the Unichip is fitted (and removed) in minutes. It leaves no electronic footprint and is ‘invisible’ to main dealers during servicing. To ensure it is totally tamperproof, the ‘U-Connect’ unit can only be remapped by a qualified Unichip agent.

Post installation, peak power increases by 20bhp over standard to a measured 180bhp at 3164rpm, while torque rises by 52lb ft to 362lb ft at 2346rpm.

Tests suggest that the Freelander feels livelier, more eager, smoother and pulls noticeably harder from low engine speeds, thanks to the additional torque on tap. The extra torque not only translates into superior in-gear acceleration, which enhances the Freelander’s overtaking abilities, but also improves towing abilities.

This extra performance doesn’t detract from the 42mpg combined fuel economy. Tests have proven that fuel economy is unaffected by the Unichip U-Connect package, with drivers actually reporting a 5-10 per cent better fuel consumption compared to standard.

Available now directly from Unichip Europe, priced at £478.10 including VAT, the Unichip U-Connect suits both manual and automatic transmission variants of the Land Rover Freelander TD4 models produced from 2006 onwards. Log onto for more information.

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