4x4s, or SUVs as they’re now often called, offer everything from legroom and comfort to off-road proficiency and boot space. If you’re thinking about buying yourself a 4×4, then you should know what will work best for you. Whether you’re an economical sort looking to cut down on the cost of their fuel and motor insurance, an urban mum looking to ferry her army of kids around the city every day, or you’re just rather fond of sitting up high and going quite fast, then there’s something on the market for you – it’s just a matter of finding out which one’s for you. Read on to find out which 4×4 we’ve rated best at what…



Mitsubishi Shogun
Believe it or not, the concept for this 4×4 was conceived way back when in 1979, and has now become the bread-and-butter staple of any 4×4 enthusiast’s diet. The Shogun’s concept was, in fact, so good that Mitsubishi decided to stick with it, tweaking the original design only slightly and at very timely points throughout its 40-year career on the road.


Best towcar

Land Rover Discovery
Launched initially as the smaller sibling of the luxury Range Rover, the Discovery has grown in terms of size, stature and features since it was launched three generations ago. Awarded the accolade of ‘best towcar’ at the 2010 annual Towcar Awards, the wonderfully quiet seven-seater Discovery 3 is a stylish automobile that matches grunt and finesse quite exceptionally.


For the luxury-lovers

Land Rover Range Rover
Loved by farmers and sports stars (and their WAGs) alike, the Range Rover balances style and substance quite matchlessly. It’s very much worth mentioning that this SUV’s interior is among the most stylish and luxurious of any SUV currently available on the market. This, together with an awesomely powerful engine makes it a dream to drive. However – if you’re looking for economy, then you’d better look elsewhere – the fuel bills with this 4×4 are pretty terrifying.


City slicker

Jeep Patriot
While this may well be the smallest of Jeep’s SUV range, it’s got a lot of attitude. Looks-wise, this micro-Jeep is exactly like its chunky older brothers, only smaller. The trusty four-wheel-drive system also means that this off-roader is as capable as any other. Attractively priced, this model also strikes a healthy balance between comfort and control, and is as great on the road as it is off.


The handler

Mazda CX-7
This sporty little number has somewhat cooled up the image of off-roaders. The CX-7 nods quite inconspicuously in the direction of the manufacturer’s rather racy MPS range, sporting a turbocharged 2.3-litre punch. It’s quick in a straight line, but is among the best handling SUV currently available.

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