Extra strong diff casings

Extra strong diff casingsA vehicle’s diff can be exposed to some very harsh situations, especially if that vehicle is involved in some serious off-roading or in particular if it’s a competition vehicle. Protection, therefore, is the sensible option. ARB has now extended its range of extra strong diff casings to over 20 vehicles. These iron diff covers can be easily fitted in around an hour, and besides protecting locking diffs and ring and pinion gears, it is claimed that they also help strengthen the axle, since they provide increased structural rigidity. The covers are available in black, but also in the more familiar bright red. They are clear coated offering a very professional and long lasting finish. Prices start at around £129.89 (plus VAT) and come complete with all fitments, including tensile cap screws (which are recessed into the cover to protect against damage). As ever when you are looking for ARB products in the UK, your first point of call has to be Arbil. You can find your nearest ARB stockist by going to the website.

The new ARB Air Lockers now benefit from an increased warranty, up from two to five years. These are seriously tough lockers built from a two-piece design case, which means there is no need for the smaller cylinder cap and the air entry is switched into the crown wheel side of the differential. This means the side gear can be locked directly into the flange cap and the locking ring can reside closer to the splined side gear, considerably reducing the activation and disengagement time. A new application now makes this available for the Land Rover Discovery 3.

If you are looking for ARB equipment, then Arbil’s brand new website is the best place to start. You’ll find details of your nearest stockist for ARB, Warn, Hi-Lift and Safari Snorkel, as well as a comprehensive collection of off-roading equipment.


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