Expanded Ranger truck top choice

Expanded Ranger truck top choiceThe supply issues on the new Ford Ranger pick-up seem to be easing and you certainly see more of them on the roads these days, This means the demands for truck tops will increase. Auto Styling Truckman has recently expanded its range of British-built hardtops to include an Aerotop RS for the Ford Ranger Mk5 Super Cab. Super Cab versions of the Aerotop RS, Classic and Utility Top are now all available for this vehicle. Auto Styling Truckman also manufactures Double Cab and Single Cab hardtops for the Ford Ranger. All Aerotop Truckman units have solid sides, gel white interior, chrome push button lock, tinted and toughened rear glass and have an integral spoiler with a high level brake light. To find out more, check out the advertisement in this very magazine, call 01384 485405 or go direct to the website.

Website: www.autostylinguk.com 

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