Exhausting business

Exhausting businessThe Isuzu D-Max is making quite an impression in the British Cross Country Championship, as well as on many building sites around the UK. As they say, motorsport improves the bread, and it is now possible to buy a rally proven road-legal exhaust system from Milltek. Based around 70mm non-magnetic stainless steel tube, and designed, developed and fabricated in Milltek’s Derbyshire factory, the D-Max system can either be ordered as a half system for those looking to get the style and sound, but who wish to leave their DPF and catalyst in place. Or, for those seeking outright performance, a full catalyst and DPF delete option is also available, which is claimed to offer considerably more power and torque in the process. This latter option will need new ECU software or a full engine remap. If you are considering this, the best idea is to check things out directly with the guys at Milltek.

Website: www.millteksport.com 

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