Ex-Jag design boss creates 2+2 off-road buggy

Callum Design, the automotive design house headed by ex-Jaguar man Ian Callum, is transitioning into a car maker in
its own right. The company has unveiled its first own-brand vehicle, developed fully in-house – and it’s an off-roader.
Specifically, the Skye is ‘the world’s most beautiful high performance, multi-terrain vehicle.’

Built in very small numbers for people with very big bank balances, it will combine lightweight with an advanced all-electric drivetrain to combine sportscar performance and handling with a 170-mile range and ultra-fast charging times.

Measuring 4047mm long and 1900mm wide, the Skye promises ‘impeccably balanced 50/50 weight distribution.’
Its buggy-like 2+2 body is mounted on a steel spaceframe supporting all-independent suspension with high ground
clearance and long travel for all-terrain use. Callum says the vehicle’s styling is ‘focused on its rugged practical
capabilities and off-road prowess.’

Full details of the vehicle’s specifications are promised by the spring of 2024, with final development work and testing continuing in the meantime. Callum speaks of ‘curated variants, each finely tailored for focused on or off-road use’.

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