MarProdProblemIf you are an enthusiastic DIY mechanic then you’ll need to be able to carry out diagnostic testing, to enable your own problem solving. ESP Automotive’s Scanalyst is a top-selling scanner that is ideal for the amateur mechanic, and should stop you having to get expert advice on what might well turn out to be a very insignificant – and cheap – problem. The Scanalyst is compatible to all 2000-on petrol and 2003-on diesel engine cars sold in the UK (and many pre-2000 models, call to check). It provides real-time information on a vehicle’s performance and ECU status. Engine fault codes can be easily read and faults diagnosed, it’s then up to you to repair or replace and solve that problem! The Scanalyst is compatible to any PC that runs Windows. Each package comes with the necessary interface cable with USB connection, the Scanalyst CD and a full user manual. As this is being written, Scanalyst is available at a special discount price of £139.99, which is a big saving from the RRP of £249.99. To find out more go to the Scanlyst website Or call the ESP team on 01509 266400.

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