Drawing a blank

OctProdBlankForge has released further enhancements for the TD V6 2.7-litre Land Rover Discovery 3. These new EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) blanking plates will improve the performance of all 5A or 6A chassis models (up to 2006). Machined from stainless steel billet, these precision-engineered components have been made in Forge’s Gloucestershire factory and are claimed to be a perfect fit without distortion or leakage.

Why remove the standard EGR valves? Well, even blanking off a perfectly functioning valve will increase engine power and drivability. Factor in the partial blockages suffered by most as a result of time and repeated short journeys – and the improvements can be quite noticeable. Blocked EGR valves can lead to power loss, poor running and sub-standard fuel consumption, meaning these plugs are a useful modification to any Discovery 3.

They are priced at £41.00 + VAT and bolt up as direct replacements. For more details contact www.forgemotorsport.co.uk or call Forge on 01452 380999

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