SeptProdBushesFront control arm bushes on Series 3 Discoverys (from 2004 onwards) are vulnerable for failure, especially if the vehicle has been worked hard during its life. The original bushes are prone to ‘leak’ (they are oil filled) and therefore dry out. Add to this the fact that time does have an affect on rubber bushes and this can lead to movement of the lower arm. Buy the car secondhand, and you may not even be aware that the imprecise nature of the vehicle is not natural. Changing the bushes can make a huge improvement on the way the vehicle handles and these new products from SuperPro will do exactly that on offending Land Rovers. These guys know what they are doing with their bushes, and confident enough to supply them with a three year/36,000 mile warranty.

The Front Lower Control Arm Front Bush are £95.04 plus VAT, while the Front Lower Control Arm Rear Bush are £84.48 plus VAT. A Front Control arm kit is available at £149.00 plus VAT. If you want some advice, you can call the SuperPro team on 01823 690281 or check out

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