The Green Lane Association’s efforts on behalf of all rights of way users have helped secure the right result at a public enquiry on the status of Excelsior, an unsurfaced road near Grindleford in Derbyshire. The route was put under threat by the actions of anti-freedom fanatics who, in their usual self-serving fashion, applied for it to be downgraded to a bridleway.

In a perfect example of why a GLASS subscription is such good value for money, the association dipped in to its fighting fund to employ a professional researcher – who unearthed valuable historical evidence and led a second campaign for user evidence in support of motor vehicle rights.

Phil Hobson, GLASS’ Rights of Way Officer, compiled and submitted a statement of case together with proof of evidence to the inspectorate, and attended the inquiry with the association’s local rep team. The inquiry lasted three days, overseen by a government inspector who walked the lane twice herself in addition to listening to evidence for and against vehicle rights.

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