SeptNewsSpecialsGiven that the ‘replacement’ for the Defender is going to be a ‘hi-tech’ new model, presently code-named the DC100, and many miles away from the original utility ‘workhorse’ ideals, it is somewhat ironic that there’s a new limited edition Defender model launched this month, and it’s called the XTech. Basically this is a smartly painted new Special Edition, perhaps getting us used to the idea that new Defender customers want a good-looking 4×4, rather than just the world-renowned utility working class toughness of a standard Defender. The XTech is available in Orkney Grey or Nara Bronze, with contrasting Santorini Black rook and black chequer-plate detailing. Black 16inch alloys and MTR tyres finish off the XTech’s quite striking exterior. Inside is a ‘pure Ebony part leather interior’, with embossed Land Rover and Defender logos. Available as a 90 or 110, the mechanicals all remain as standard, but the prices start at £27,995. Looks cool, there’s no doubt about that, but somehow seems a little lacking in originality; a touch desperate, even.

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