Cover up, stay safe

Cover up, stay safeIt amazes us sometimes when you see a highly modded off-roader with an expensive winch fitted to the front, exposed to the elements. Winches are expensive bits of kit and although they might not be used that often, when you need them, they have to work. It would seem highly logical to us to have a serious cover to protect it, not just when off-roading but when enjoying the vagueries of the British weather! WARN has a great new range of neoprene covers for its range of winches including ZEON, Tabor, M8, 9.5XP, VR, Series and Utility models. The elastic covers stretch over the winch and provide a snug fit to prevent flapping, eliminating the need for cords and straps. You also get a bottle of UV Protective Spray that ensures your cover retains maximum UV protection. The prices of these covers start at £31.

And while we are protecting covers, how about fingers? It makes you wince when you see anyone using a winch without protective gloves. Madness. As you would expect WARN have a great range of gloves, that look the business and are made of synthetic leather with Kevlar reinforced material, yet remain breathable. The gloves are available in both large and XXL sizes, and have an added ID tag, which means no one else can claim your gloves! The RRP for these gloves starts at £20, which seems very little to keep all your fingers. Both these items are available at WARN stockists or can be purchased direct from the team at Arbil 4×4.


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