Charge of the bright brigade

OctProdChargeKeeping your battery in tip-top condition is a vital safety issue for many off-roaders, especially those taking their vehicles overlanding, and away from civilisation. Having a decent gauge to indicate how your battery is doing is essential and we have heard of two new options from the guys at Devon 4×4. The Smartguage not only tells you the voltage of your battery, it also has the actual charge state of the unit, displaying as a percentage on an easy to read LED screen. You can programme alarm functions to warn you before you get in trouble. Devon 4×4 also has the Merlin Power Gauge Lite, which acts as a gauge to provide the information you need ‘at a glance’. This is available in Lite or Pro versions and so we suggest you go to the website to find out more, or call the guys at Devon 4×4 on 01769 550900. The website can be found at

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