If you are driving your 4×4 to Europe this summer, be warned: Motoring across the Channel could work out expensive, as speed cameras, overzealous policemen and on-the-spot fines are awaiting.

An EU directive began in March allowing European countries to share driver information. EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said: “Foreign drivers account for five per cent of traffic on Europe’s roads, but 15 per cent of offences. If you are one of those drivers, I have bad news; you are very likely to be caught.”

Brits are being forced to hand over 90 Euros for not displaying a GB sticker or failing to carry a high-visibility vest. Not having a warning triangle or spare bulbs can cost another 90 Euros. In France, licence and vehicle confiscation is another possibility.

Different countries have various rules on what you need to keep in your 4×4. Check out for full details on what you’re obliged and advised to take.

Mail Order Company supplies a bespoke European Travel Kit. A basic kit includes a bulb pack for the specific car. It comes with a warning triangle, tyre-weld, high-viz jacket, GB sticker and beam deflectors, plus first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.
The European Travel Kit is available on and costs from £69.

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