DecProdBlockWorried about the rotting hinges holding your  the festive season by replacing them with anodised replacements from Croytec. They cost £96 a pair, and are suitable for all models of Solihull’s most iconic vehicle. 


DecProdSmallerKeep your off-road loving kids happy, with a child-size replica of their favourite 4×4. Toylander supplies all the materials, and plans, needed to make an eye-catching model of a Series One Land Rover or a Willy’s Jeep. The overall cost of a kit is in the region of £900, depending on specification. But it’s worth it, just to secure the next generation of muddy adventurers.


DecProdMoverEnjoy (Odd word to use – Ed) Jeremy Clarkson’s company during your road trips, with the limited edition TomTom Top Gear satnav. The device provides unique Top Gear style instructions, and uses TomTom’s clever congestion-busting HD Traffic technology. This satnav was recently withdrawn from the market after the BBC realised it was a breach of the licence agreement. So if you’re keen on Jezza, you need to catch this product while you can – priced £179.99 from Halfords.


DecProdSpotlightIdeal for viewing hard-to-reach areas on your truck, this pocket-sized inspection light from Philips features six LEDs to give extra brightness. About the same size as a pen, the light can be easily stored in the pocket of your overalls. It has a single lamp at the top end so that it can function as a torch, and has been drop tested from 1.5 metres without damage. It’s also waterproof, and will last for up to 11 hours of continuous use. Available at most car accessories suppliers, the Philips penlight retails for £21.99.


DecProdTowIf you’re planning to use your Defender TD5 or Discovery 2 for some towing in the New Year, you’ll need this kit from Extreme 4×4. It costs about £60, and includes everything you need to hitch up a single-electrics trailer. What’s more, it’s the perfect size for a Christmas stocking…