CAMEL TROPHY MEMORIESTHIS IS A BLAST from the past! The 1989 Camel Trophy is now available as a DVD. This is actually the year that Bob and Joe Ives represented the UK on the event, and it’s a year after the Editor was in the UK team’s Land Rover bouncing around Sulawesi, in Indonesia. From first hand experience, therefore, we can confirm that this 1989 event was a lot muddier than Sulawesi, and this is clear in the DVD! Gary Critcher is the guy behind the project as he has taken charge of the Camel Trophy archive, and promises that this will be the first of the material due for re-release. If you are a Camel Trophy enthusiast, or indeed if you have heard about it and wondered what all the fuss was about, then this DVD is for you. It’s priced at £15, including p&p for the UK, £17 for the Rest of the World, and is available from

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