junenewsdusterThe return of the Dacia Duster to these shores is certainly not going to be a quiet, anonymous event. The previous incarnation is obviously being forgotten and there will be a strong push for this new model, being introduced into the UK with support from Renault. Deliveries to the UK don’t actually start until January next year, but you will soon be able to pre-order with a £100 deposit. The model will certainly be a bargain price, indications are that the 4×4 version will be available for less than £12,500 which, it is claimed, is a massive £6000/£10,000 less than similar-sized cars from other manufacturers. Of course, size isn’t everything, and quality comes high on most people’s lists and the original Dacia lacked that in spades. Time will tell. For more details, check out www.dacia.co.uk

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