Boss snowploughs

PolarisBad snow in the UK makes a lot of people think more about how we can clear not only roads, but airports, schools, hospitals; anywhere that we need to get to! It seems the guys at Polaris have had similar thoughts and now are inviting The Boss to the UK. This doesn’t mean another Bruce Springsteen concert, as Boss snowploughs have been available for Polaris ATVs for some years. The equipment will be available in the UK through Farmquip. Teamed with a Polaris Ranger Diesel, Boss snowploughs offer a great combination for the most extreme terrain and conditions, all with in-cab control. Of course, once you have cleared a road, the next step is the gritter. The Boss TGS 800 tailgate spreader can easily be attached to the rear of a Polaris. The rotary ‘paddle action’ can spread rock salt, grit, sand and other de-icing materials. You would certainly think that the combination of Polaris and The Boss would offer cost-effective all-round winter maintenance, highly suitable to contractors, local authorities, small estates, hospitals, and airports. Polaris Britain can be contacted on 0800 915 6720, or check out:

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