AprProdAppBosch has introduced a new navigation app for Apple users that the company claims will prove to be the premium mobile satnav app on the market. Key features in Bosch Navigation include ‘Intermediate Destinations’, which allows users to make a quick detour en-route, perhaps to stop at a service station or restaurant, without affecting the original destination when travel is resumed. It also highlights the innovative ‘Plus Routes’ tool, which offers real time suggestions of alternative routes during navigation that may offer time or distance savings – all of which are easily viewable and selectable from the main map. It has 3D graphics and for those who have iPhones or iPads, a decent mobile phone app has a lot of advantages – especially if you regularly drive more than one vehicle. The retail price for Bosch Navigation 1.5 is going to be £44.99, and its available from the Apple App Store. We will be testing this out ourselves.    To learn more, you can watch the demonstration video at

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