BedsliderFor many owner operators, their pick-up is a very specialist vehicle. It is not just a big load area where you can randomly ‘throw’ all tools or products in the back. The Bedslide, available from Auto Styling, is a great way to load and unload your truck and it turns the bed into a sliding floor, allowing you to get goods from the back of the load bed without having to climb in – murder on the knees! The Bedslide 1000 is a sleek and stylish option from the people who really know about pick-ups, Auto Styling. It costs £675 (plus VAT) and can be found on the excellent Auto Styling website You can call them on 0845 833 1101 to get a free catalogue, which is very cleverly produced so it can concentrate on your particular model of pick-up. Yep, the Editor already has a Hilux catalogue on his desk!

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