augnewsazalaiDescribed as a ‘living pod’, the vacuum moulded composite unit fitted to the Land Rover Defender 130 shown here, offers comfortable living for up to five people. This could be the ideal option for overland expeditions, and can be fitted to Land Rovers or Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux models. The one-piece shell is actually 21mm thick, of which 15mm is high density insulation. This means that the interior should remain cool in the summer, and keep the warmth in there in the colder climes. It’s tough and lightweight, which allows the vehicle to keep its off-roading abilities, and when fitted to a LR 130 also allows for a king-sized bed to be included; overlanding in luxury it seems! Standard features include flushing toilet and shower, fridge/freezer, gas cooker and plenty of stowage space. The Azalai does therefore allow you to eat, sleep and wash inside, which is both a safety feature and a comfort one, should the elements demand it. Each Azalai is built to the specification of the buyer, and the whole unit fits into a standard container for secure shipping anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an overland build that offers some comfort, then contact Petra Beitl on +43(0) 664 73133321, or email [email protected]

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