NovProdTrolleyThe three-ton Trolley Jack trolley jack from Axminster is a capable bit of kit with its three-tonne lifting ability and its overall weight and size gives the impression it will last for years to come.  This makes it better suited to leave in the garage, rather than something you would stowaway in the boot because it will prove cumbersome to move in and out. Something of this rating will be ideal for 4×4 owners, but the lack of a rubber-jacking pad limits its usability on smaller vehicles because it may inflict damage on the sills, but pads such as this can be bought separately. The overall width really aids stability when the vehicle is in the air, because the narrower counterparts can often lift a wheel if the ground below isn’t completely level, which can be hazardous if an axle stand isn’t it situ.

While it would struggle with anything sporty or with a lower ride height due to the high entry point, if you are looking for a no nonsense trolley jack for a van or 4×4 then the Axminster three ton trolley jack will be a handy asset. Good value at £96.95 inc VAT, check out or call 0800 371822.

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