Audi winter tyre deals

Audi winter tyre dealsGiven the weather in mid-January, it’s good to see another manufacturer is offering a winter tyre package this year. Interestingly, there was a full page ‘winter tyre’ feature in The Guardian recently, pointing out that much more should be done to raise the profile of winter tyre benefits. Appropriate, therefore, that we have heard from Suzuki and Toyota and now Audi who is offering winter tyre packages across its entire range. These packages do range from £799 to a wincing £3,659 – but then this does include some rather sexy wheels as well. The offer does include tyres only. To complement the winter tyre programme, Audi Centres are also offering customers a ‘tyre hotel’ service to tyres when they are not needed. For just £120 including VAT, tyres will be stored for 12 months in Audi branded wheel bags. Audi drivers can find more information by For other owners, check with your dealer what offers are available, or go to Kwik Fit as there are special winter tyre offers at many centres – unless they have all sold out, rather like sliced bread in most southern suburban supermarkets this January!

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