This month’s (November issue) main feature is all about preparing for the coming winter months, in particularly encouraging readers to consider winter tyres. Two manufacturers, Audi and Toyota, are also encouraging this. Winter tyre sets are now available from Audi Centres starting from a reasonable £550 (including VAT and fitting).

For owners with the larger 16in – 19in wheels, winter tyre sets prices start at £792 (including VAT and fitting). It is significant that even a manufacturer with the famed quattro all-wheel drive system, can see the benefits of adding winter tyres. Audi suggest that fitting winter tyres can increase grip by up to 60 per cent and reduce braking distances by 20 per cent, which is a highly significant two car lengths. The winter tyre sets come with heavy-duty storage bags to protect the original fit ‘summer’ wheels and tyres while they are in storage. Audi centres are also offering to store the tyres while not in use.

Toyota is also following a safer driving and winter tyre programme, available for a wide range of current and past Toyota models. In preparation, Toyota secured a supply of thousands of Yokohama winter tyres earlier this year suitable for most current and many past Toyota and Lexus models. Your ‘summer’ tyres will again be stored for you at your Toyota dealer.

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