MayNewsElectricLiberty Electric Cars has signed a memorandum of understanding with Icelandic company, Northern Lights Energy (NLE), for an order of 150 4×4 electric vehicles to be delivered across Scandinavia, Iceland and the Faroe Islands over the next four years.

The Liberty E-Range, the world’s first pure electric 4×4, is suited to these regions where there is an advanced electricity supply grid using a vast amount of renewable energy.

Ian Hobday, MD of Liberty Electric Cars, says: “The Scandinavian countries are the ideal market for us as the general policy on import duty is zero on electric vehicles, which puts the price of the Liberty E-Range at the same level as an ordinary petrol or diesel luxury 4×4.”

Liberty Electric Cars will be one of the first companies to deliver electric vehicles to Iceland and there is already considerable interest being shown in the Liberty E-Range by individuals, companies and the government.

In addition to the car, NLE supplies the customer with a charging point for home, the electricity needed to run the car, as well as servicing and maintenance, all at a fixed monthly cost.

The Liberty E-Range is initially based on a Range Rover and is aimed at the family-size and luxury market. Performance figures quoted are 0-60mph in seven seconds; top speed 100mph and distance capacity of 200 miles on one single charge.

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