AprProdRearMore and more new 4x4s are arriving with rear view cameras fitted as standard. The bigger the vehicle, the more useful these cameras become. Indeed, reverse parking the Editor’s Hilux underlines the fact that, especially for pick-ups, it is very difficult to see what is behind you, low to the ground. There is now and aftermarket option available that, despite the product name, comes from the British company, Bierley. The new AmeriCam Reverse Camera can be installed to any vehicle in around 30 minutes. It includes a small flush-fitting camera to the rear bumper, linked to a slimline 3.5inc LCD screen that can be positioned wherever suitable inside your vehicle. The camera is waterproof (IP68 rated) and is certainly very subtle. AmeriCam retails at around £200 including fitting which seems pretty reasonable for this aftermarket addition that is often listed as a ‘luxury’ option on new 4x4s. You could also save by fitting the system yourself. For more details, and to see your nearest dealership, go to

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