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In anticipation of the James Bond premiere, a Bond edition Series 3 Land Rover® was provided to Sotheby’s by John Brown 4×4 for sale in a celebrated Luxury auction earlier this month. 

With the latest James Bond film finally set to hit screens on September 30th, the auction gave Bond fans the perfect opportunity to experience a slice of 007 action for themselves.

The new film No Time To Die is the 25th James Bond film.  Trailers and clips released for the film show James Bond driving a blue Series 3 in a car chase. These images were pored over by the specialist Land Rover® team at John Brown 4×4, and carefully recreated in this 007 spec vehicle.

Rebuilt by the John Brown 4×4 team, the build incorporates some new parts for easier handling and a smooth drive when racing around on the silver screen, while retaining the vintage elements of the classic 4×4 Land Rover® Series 3 base. The special edition car includes overdrive, which adds gearing options to increase top speed and reduce fuel consumption, and a galvanised chassis, that offers the car additional protection against corrosion. Featuring flared wheel arches, new cappings, vintage plates and defender mirrors, the Bond edition is a true collector’s item for film fans and car enthusiasts alike.

The Bond edition cars have been produced by John Brown 4×4 in very limited numbers since the first clips of No Time to Die aired. They take twice as long to refurbish and build than the standard Land Rover® Series 3, and usually require several months of waiting for the owner to take delivery. 

Greg Hendry, Marketing Manager at John Brown 4×4: “We’ve had great fun building a car so emblematic of British heritage and culture. This limited run of special edition vehicles gave us the chance to build something different. 

James Bond fans ourselves, we’ve taken every measure to recreate the Series 3 exactly as Bond would experience it. As the much anticipated No Time to Die hits screens,  we’re looking forward to giving a 007 fan their very own piece of history.”

Keen car fans might have also spotted the Land Rover Defender 2021 in trailers for No Time to Die. John Brown 4×4 have previously compiled data showing that the Defender 2021 is one of the most popular Land Rover® cars – which is likely to only rise further once viewers experience the offroading capabilities this model has through the eyes of Daniel Craig’s James Bond. 

Custom rebuilds like Bond’s are a special case, but John Brown 4×4 can also rebuild and restore any Land Rover to customer specifications, with the option to select your choice of model, configuration and colour. Every vintage model undergoes a full assessment, with modern upgrades if necessary to ensure a smooth drive and authentic feel. If you’re interested in viewing one of these incredibly limited-edition vehicles, get in touch.

General Tire Provides Tips for Safe Off-Road Trips

The SUV and pure off-road vehicle segment has been growing in popularity for years. All these vehicles are characterised by their comparatively long wheelbase and generally have a permanent or at least switchable all-wheel drive. That’s the perfect setup for moving forward, even when the paved roads are behind you. But to have control at all times on soft and loose surfaces, such as gravel and loose stone, and even rocky terrain, off-road beginners in particular, should always observe a few basic rules. After all, unlike on public roads, there is no breakdown service in the forest to get damaged vehicles running again within a short period of time.

Off-road operations are traditionally a main focus of General Tire. The tyre brand is regarded as an expert in 4×4. “Automotive manufacturers know that hardly any of their vehicles ever drive off the road,” explains Matthias Bartz, Business Development Manager at General Tire. “ SUVs are increasingly being fitted almost exclusively with purely on-road tyres at the factory, even true for off-road vehicles and pickups. The problem is that these tyres aren’t sufficiently damage-resistant, and they also can’t interlock sufficiently with loose surfaces.” So, if you are also planning off-road driving, you will need to replace your tyres. Well-known manufacturers such as General Tire have all-terrain tyres in their product line that offer balanced performance both on and off the road. “Special off-road products like the Grabber AT3 meet the everyday requirements of modern SUVs, pick-up trucks and off-road vehicles, with the advantage of an excellent drive and braking forces transmission even on loose ground, thanks to the numerous grip edges on the tread pattern design that interlock with all kind of terrains” adds Angélica Cáceres, 4×4 Product Manager at Continental Tyres.

If you want to avoid missing the adventure of driving off-road under extreme conditions, you should consider using specialist off-road tyres. “These tyres are designed primarily for use on unpaved terrain,” says Bartz. “A true mud terrain tyre even delivers performance in deep, muddy ground and, with its stable and solid tread blocks design, protects against damage to the sidewall which occurs when in contact with obstacles on the track.”

To ensure optimum traction off the road, Matthias Bartz recommends adjusting the tyre pressure to the applicable situation: “The information provided by vehicle manufacturers in the operating manuals assume you are driving on the road. In rough terrain, contact with the ground improves when the tyre pressure is reduced by around 10 percent. This will increase the contact area and grip. On sand, a reduction of 25 to 40 percent is well advised. On very soft surfaces, the tyre pressure can even be reduced by up to 50 percent compared with the manufacturer’s specifications.”

General Tire: Know-How Beyond Tyres

Due to their rich history in the off-road industry, General Tire’s expertise goes well beyond the area of tyres. “If your vehicle is stuck in the mud, it’s time to keep calm. Some simple tricks can usually help you continue your journey,” advises Bartz . “Anything that helps the tyres build up traction is useful. For example, you can try to remove the mud in front of the wheels with a shovel. Or you can put car floor mats under your wheels. If absolutely necessary, you can even use sticks. Alternatively, you can try to interlock the side walls of the tyres using careful lateral steering movements.”

In the worst-case scenario, you should always also have salvage equipment in the vehicle. That includes gloves, cable winches, straps, or chains as well as a shovel, axe, and tree protection. “Straps can be fastened to recovery points with cable winches,” says Bartz. “To do this, always make sure that the tree is sufficiently stable and that the strap does not damage the trunk.” For vehicles without a cable winch, Bartz advises against using a jack: “Using a jack can be very dangerous in off-road terrain unless you have experience with it. In addition, a stable baseplate is essential.” Lifting bags are a somewhat unknown alternative – they are large PVC bags filled with air from the exhaust that can lift the vehicle up quickly to get it back on track. They are expensive, but lightweight, easy to stow and easy to handle.

Dave Dineen, Head of the Specialist Division for Micheldever Tyre Services says “For over twenty-five years, we as a business have helped develop product patterns and niche fitments with General Tire. Listening to the needs and requirements of our customers and the end consumer has assisted in creating a range of 4×4 tyres which are market leading”. Dave continues “The partnership between MTS & General Tire has helped develop even more new niche fitments, which will be introduced over the next 12 months, further reinforcing both companies’ dedication to developing this important segment”.

General Tire has published even more tips and tricks for a trip into nature here.

  • Hot Wheels™ Legends Tour is coming to the UK to find the best classic, custom or race car to recreate for its iconic series of toy cars
  • Virtual judging makes it simple for fans to upload their car to be entered
  • Since its foundation in 1968, over 7.5 billion cars have been produced making it the number one toy worldwide
James Williams’ Hillman Imp – UK finalist in 2020

The unique opportunity to have your car immortalised as a Hot Wheels die-cast is being offered to one lucky enthusiast in the UK. The number one toy car producer is asking classic, modified and race car owners to submit their special car builds for judging at its virtual Hot Wheels Legends event on 14 October 2021. The vehicle that best embodies Hot Wheels’ high standards of performance, authenticity and ‘garage spirit’ will then go head-to-head with winners from the US, Japan, Mexico and Germany. The global winner will then be faithfully reproduced in 1:64 scale for children and collectors to cherish, or simply blast around that most challenging racetrack; the living room floor.

Dionna Mascunana’s US regional finalist 2007 Porsche Cayman S

Originally launched in the US in 2018 to celebrate 50 years of the iconic cars that have brought pleasure to millions, the Hot Wheels Legends Tour now comes to the UK for only the second time. To enter, car enthusiasts simply submit a video of their car at www.hotwheelsuklegendstour.co.uk before the 1 October. A judging panel, which includes respected car designer Ian Callum CBE, will pick the car that best captures the Hot Wheels spirit. The judging will be broadcast live on 14 October on Car Throttle’s YouTube channel.

“With so many passionate enthusiasts and talented car builders and restorers, the UK has a truly diverse car culture with a thriving modified and performance scene,” says Ted Wu, Head of Hot Wheels Design, Mattel. “We’ll be looking for the very best whether that’s a pre-war British hot rod, a ‘70s or ‘80s ‘restomod’, an extreme custom hot hatch build from the ‘90s or one of today’s bespoke hypercars, we want to see the finest cars the UK has to offer. And who knows? Your pride and joy could well become a small-scale legend.”

Founded in 1968, Hot Wheels was born when Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler challenged his design team to create a toy car that was cooler and performed better than anything else on the market. That ethos has continued today, ensuring Hot Wheels is the number one selling toy worldwide with 16 cars sold every second. Beyond the toy boxes and collector shelves, Hot Wheels continues to be a key influencer on car culture, inspiring full-scale designers, car builders and tuners.

Riley Stair’s 2020 winning Pontiac Trans Am met its Hot Wheels counterpart last week – General Motors Trademarks used under license to Mattel, Inc.

“From an imposing stance, full of presence, vivid colours and an impression of speed, Hot Wheels captures a creative freedom that inspires the rebel spirit in a car designer,” says Ian Callum, Design Director of eponymous design and engineering business, CALLUM. “Hot Wheels take me back to a misspent youth when I wondered why real cars couldn’t be this way. Well now I know they can and are. They inspire an excitement that we all need in our lives.”

The UK winner will be announced on 14 October 2021 and will go head-to-head with the other global finalists, with the overall winner’s wheels being released in the Hot Wheels’ 2022 range.

To learn more about the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in the UK visit www.hotwheelsuklegendstour.co.uk and follow #HotWheelsLegendsTour.