2014 Diary of an enthusiast

2014 Diary of an enthusiast

Too early to consider Christmas presents? Probably, but Haynes publishers obviously don’t think so as they have released details of their 2014 diary for motoring enthusiasts. This diary is now in its eight year and is designed as a traditional Haynes manual with classic cutaway diagrams from the Haynes archives. Of course they won’t all be 4×4 cutaways, but who doesn’t like one of those traditional ink drawing cutaways? The guys that did these were real artists. (As a young motoring journalist, I had the pleasure in knowing Vic Berris, the artist that used to do many of the original pen and ink drawings for Autocar magazine, later to work on planes and ships. Now he had talent that didn’t come from a computer – NF). Yes, it’s too early to think of Christmas, but this would make a great gift!

Website: www.haynes.co.uk 



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